New camping favorite: Swinging Chicken

What You Need:

3-4lb Chicken

Your Favorite Dry Rub

Metal can. I purchased an empty paint can from Lowes for $5. Metal coffee can will work too

Charcoal – 15- 20 briquettes

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil


Drill 6-8 holes about 1.5″ ¬†from the bottom of the can. I used 3/8″ drill bit,

Add 15-20 charcoal briquettes, light and let burn 15 minutes or until white,

While coals are getting hot, sprinkle your favorite dry rub on the chicken. Coating completely,

Double wrap chicken in foil & drop in can,

Hang it to prevent tipping, and burning children and pets. Can also be placed in fire pit or on a grate,

Let cook for 3 hours then carefully remove from can and serve.

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