I was excited to learn of a little country church serving breakfast in Marion, NC. What a great way to fuel up before a day of hiking and waterfall exploring in the Pisgah National Forest.


I was a little apprehensive when approaching the folks busily cooking and serving up the breakfast fare, as I was a little uncertain of the protocol. I cheerfully asked “What’s for breakfast?”  A weathered rotund gentleman sporting worn overalls and a crisp new Make America Great hat proudly pronounced “steak and eggs, sausage and biscuits”.  I found the tray of steak and sausage, I have to admit I was a little disappointed that it appeared to be chopped steak and not a juicy strip that I had envisioned when plucking down my $6. Nonetheless, I loaded my plate with a generous sampling of all the goods presented including a double helping of steak.

LivermushSoon, the overall clad breakfast ambassador reappeared wanting to know how I liked my steak. I didn’t want to insult the volunteers who were proudly serving up the breakfast, but it was a foul tasting steak.

I soon learned, I was the butt of a joke and it wasn’t steak, but a foul concoction called livermush, which is made of pigs liver, head parts, and cornmeal. It is commonly spiced with pepper and sage. It is a local favorite and common throughout Western North Carolina. They actually have a Festival in honor of this “stuff”; but for the life of me I don’t know why.

Unless you just happen to like liver, if you are ever offered a square patty called livermush disguised as steak, pass over it and grab the sausage instead.

Now those little old church ladies can make a mean biscuit, their secret is sourcream, shhh!

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