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West Lafayette, IN – Fireflies

Why fireflies in West Lafayfette, IN ? That’s a very good question. Murphy and I head to West Lafayette, IN. to find out. Murphy has been cooped up in the RV most all day and by the time the 1:30 drive is over he’s just ready to get out run. However, we need to solve the mystery of the fireflies first. First, however is a trip through the Purdue campus. Web search turns up that the university has perfromed extensive research on lightening bugs. Purdue University documents 43 known species of[…]

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Indiana - Indiana-Racing.jpeg

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Speedway Motor Speedway; that just doesn’t have the same ring to it that Indianapolis Motor speedway does. That must the dilemma the townsfolk had in 1909 when the speedway was built in Speedway, IN. Though Indianapolis had yet to grow out to the city limits of Speedway, it became the namesake of the track anyway. I research a little about the track beforehand and learn that they offer an Indy car experience for $500. (I’d get to be a passenger with a professional driver in a 2 seat Indy car)[…]

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Kentucky - Wiener-Dog.png

The Great Wiener Dog Race

There are some events that just grab my attention. “Wiener Dog Race” is one of them. The local harness racing track, Red Mile added this event to tonights line up. The grandstand is just a buzz with activity as the handlers are busy getting their pooches registered and outfitted.  I try to work the owners and size up the dogs confirmation to get any inside information. The participants are pretty tight lipped about their expectations. Heat One The odds on favorite is a 12-lb pound 3 year old with the name[…]

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Kentucky - Lexington-SuperGraphic.jpeg

Lexington, Kentucky – Red Mile

Lexington Red Mile Today is one of those days where I just want to phone it in, I’m tired and not feeling well. I do, however, want to visit Lexington’s Harness Racing Track, Red Mile, as it is represented in a SuperGraphic. I’m not a huge harness racing fan, but having Wiener Dog races between the horse races this night presents a perfect opportunity to go check it out. In Lexington, Horse Racings’ little cousin to Keeneland would be the Red Mile. Red Mile is the second oldest harness track[…]

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Kentucky SuperGraphic

Kentucky Thoroughbreds – Win, Place, Show

There are 2 major thoroughbred racing tracks in Kentucky: Churchill Downs in Louisville and Keeneland in Lexington. While the two tracks are only about 70 miles apart, they are very different. Churchill is located in the heart of Louisville in a somewhat blighted area, whereas Keeneland is nestled on the outskirts of town among white fence lined horse farms. The Show Bet: Churchill Downs – Louisville, KY The iconic Twin Spires and intense media attention the first Saturday of May instills Churchill as the better known of the two tracks.[…]

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Kentucky - Owensboro-SuperGraphic.jpeg

Owensboro, KY – Bluegrass and BBQ

Owensboro Bluegrass As an Owensboro native, I never considered my hometown as a hub of bluegrass music. I set out to uncover this Bluegrass connection. At the foot of the Ohio river bridge, is the  newly constructed Bluegrass Music Museum. I find that the museum is  closed on Sunday. In fact, the entire riverfront is deserted on an early Sunday morning. The Bluegrass music echoing from overhead speakers adds comfort to the otherwise gloomy skies and empty streets. It seems that Owensboro is laying claim to its Bluegrass roots due[…]

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