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There are some events that just grab my attention. “Wiener Dog Race” is one of them. The local harness racing track, Red Mile added this event to tonights line up.

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The grandstand is just a buzz with activity as the handlers are busy getting their pooches registered and outfitted.  I try to work the owners and size up the dogs confirmation to get any inside information. The participants are pretty tight lipped about their expectations.

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Wiener dog – Max

Heat One

The odds on favorite is a 12-lb pound 3 year old with the name Lightning Louie. Louie was the winner of last years event and is the favorite for a repeat.  I have my money on another 3 year old, Paco, who has been working out well though it has been primarily on the turf. Tonights fast dirt track will work to Louie’s advantage. Paco will have to get out of the gate quickly to have a chance at the upset.

Wiener Dog Paco-1.jpg
Wiener Dog – Paco: Tracie Willis Trainer/Owner

Lighting Louie breaks quickly from the gate and never looks back.  He shows his true pedigree and will be a major contender in the finale later in the night. Poor Paco didn’t get the clean start he needed and will not compete in the finale.

Heat Two

The 2nd race features another favorite Louie, King Louie. Despite the name, the 7 year old is not in the same line as Lightning Louie.  While in the paddock, I got to meet Sir Otis von Bratwurst. The 15lb Otis had to endure 3 foster homes in his 10 years, and in such has never had consistent training. He does, however, garner my undying support.

Kentucky - Otis-Wiener-Dog.jpg
Sir Otis von Bratwurst

King Louie proves to be too much for the field and breezes to an easy victory. Little Otis hangs on for a 4th place finish and earns a slot in the finale, though at this point its look like a 2 dog race.

Open Breeds

To give the Wieners a chance to rest before the championship race, a couple of other races are added to the card. One is the mixed breed race. Last years 2nd Place finisher, Hattie, is still smarting from last years race. The Jack Russell mix feels she was interfered with but didn’t get the objection call.

Jack Russell – Hattie

This years race is not without early controversy, a late entry of a 9 year old Whippet, Kinley, has the other competitors agitated.  This is a amateur race and some argue that Whippets are professional racers. The objections fall on deaf ears and the race proceeds.  A confident Kinley, towers over the field and breaks quickly from the gate. Assured of an easy victory, Kinley lets up at the finish.  Hattie with still much to prove musters all she has to break the finish line first. Finally, redemption for the little jockey sporting gal!

Running of the Bulls (dogs)

This race features some heavyweights.  The odds on favorite is a 5 year old French Bull dog, Francesca. This svelte 23 pounder sports a 8-0 racing record and is the one to beat.   I’m partial to a beast of a dog, a 75lb English Bulldog, Barley McKinney. He affectionately is nicknamed polar bear. The crowd favorite, however, is Gummy Bear a blind 12 year old English bull dog.

Weiner Dog Races
Barley McKinney

These dogs are too big for the normal starting boxes and line up for the start. Francesca rapidly shows why she is 8-0. Make that 9-0. Good old Barley waddles in for a respectable 3rd place finish. Gummy Bear, well, she seemed to have a good time.

The Championship

True to its billing, big money bettors expect the race to be a battle of the Louie’s, both coming off impressive wins in their qualifying heats.  The Louie’s both break out of the gate cleanly but Lightning Louie, true to his name, strikes first and out guns his competition claiming the Championship.

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