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The Cleansing

It’s time to simplify, declutter and just generally refocus. I have become a prisoner of stuff.  If I want to ever engage in the travel lifestyle I desire, I’ll have to be able to do with much less. My mission as a minimalist starts with a good closet cleaning.  1, 2, 3 trips to Goodwill later; bag after bag of some barely worn clothes is gone. It is embarrassing; how did I gather so much crap in just a few short years since the last move? It’s got to go![…]

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Serpent Mound, Peebles, OH.

The Serpent Mound is the worlds oldest surviving example of an ancient animal effigy.  This immense earthwork was constructed by early American Indian cultures.  The exact builders are unknown. The mound is thought to be a ceremonial site. The serpent motif has a symbolic connection in many cultures. It represents the cycles of birth, death, resurrection and the higher and lower worlds. A pathway circles the mound, though at ground level it is hard to appreciate the grandness of the work. An observation tower does provide a more birds eye[…]

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Tennessee - Red-Panda-Supergraphic.jpeg

Unearthed Creatures, Gray, TN

While camping in nearby Dandridge, TN, I begin my early morning fossil expedition as the sun rises on Douglas Lake. It’s only an hour drive to the fossil site, but I want to explore the Tri-cities area a bit before the museum and dig site open. During the drive, I tune in XM 80’s on 8 for relics of a different kind: Spandau Ballet, Eurythmics, Howard Jones, Prince, & Police. As the anticipation of reaching my destination heightens, so does the volume of the one man concert going on in[…]

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