Spooktacular, Fort Boonesborough Campground

Halloween Spooktackular Begins  – The much anticipated Halloween week is off to shaky start. Fort Boonesborough Campground is beyond busy and cars are haphazardly parked everywhere. Immediately I notice my designated camp site is very uneven, with an uphill slope right as you would step out of campers door.  To maximize the flatter space,  precision placement on the concrete pad is paramount.  The layout will require backing up toward the passenger side creating a huge blind spot for me. My best laid plans go awry and I’m practically jack-knifed and[…]

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West_Virgina - New-Bridge-WV.jpeg

Bridge Day – New River Gorge, WV

Wild Walk West Virginia – I find myself looking out over 3000 feet of rusted steel catwalk and 875’ down upon the New River gorge. A harness cliches up between my legs and around my waist. A specially made trolley, carabiner and dog leash between me and the river below should I step off the catwalk. A long steel cable runs the length of the bridge and I am  to clip onto the cable.  This cable will stay attached the entire walk across.   I start walking across and the earth[…]

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West_Virgina - Rafting

New River – Whitewater Rafting, West Virginia

Wild Wet West Virginia – Its 40 degrees and dark when I arrive at the outfitters.  I exit the truck to see my breath creating billows of  fog when I breath. I hear, oddly, a crowing rooster.  He is getting an early head start on daybreak.  I’m shivering and start to wonder what have I gotten myself into.   Other rafters appear on the scene and quickly I realize I’m the more senior of the bunch.   Picking raft mates that I may bond with seems to be a mere luck of[…]

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by Curious Craig

Misaligned Minds – The season is a changin’

Here Comes Fall- A Photo Essay I awake early for Misaligned Minds, a bike ride in Paducah, KY. It is a 100 mile tour of the flatlands of Western Kentucky.  Cycling in the region winds down this time of the year and this will most likely be my last long event ride of the season. As with all long rides, I have plenty of time to just think and reflect.  As I feel the burn from the cool air in my lungs and a uncomfortable chillness in my whole body, I decide[…]

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