Little Grand Canyon

Little Grand Canyon, GA

Red Dirt Road – The “real” Grand Canyon has been on my bucket list for a very long time. If not for the SuperGraphics program I would have never even heard of the “Little” Grand Canyon. I am excited to see what the little cousin has in store. It’s about an hour drive to Providence State Park from my camp in Elko, Georgia. The roads are flat and straight. I see a good number of people out with what appears to be pooper scoopers and 5 gallon buckets under large[…]

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Georgia Supergraphic

Georgia Beaches & Peaches

Barbie Beach – Trying to find a “Peach” connection in December is a bit of a challenge. I check out Peachtree City in search of something peachy but am quickly diverted from my peach hunt once I learn of Barbie Beach. I am not far outside of Atlanta and nowhere near the ocean. The Beach is just outside of Peachtree City in Turin, GA. The Beach is a popular attraction for locals and has even been the subject of a Cannes film festival documentary. Barbie Beach intrigues me and is[…]

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Curious Craig Escapes

Taking the Leap…

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol I have long had the burning desire to go, to see and to explore.  This blog is a small reflection of that; as  I have made a concerted effort to document my wanderlust.  Today is a little different.  Today is the day I become a digital nomad, full-time traveler, an Escapee.   I am officially jobless & homeless.  That is obviously a bit dramatic but I just like saying it.   I have for months (maybe[…]

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Pickin’ & Grinnin’

International Bluegrass Museum – Owensboro, Ky I have been wanting to drop into the International Bluegrass Museum for a couple of years but somehow it never seems to fit into the schedule. On a previous visit the museum was closed. It’s an early rainy morning the weekend before Christmas and the whole riverfront is deserted.  Much to my surprise the museum is open today. Admission is a reasonable $8. I find a lone employee behind the counter and she eagerly introduces me to the museum. Sally starts a movie detailing[…]

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Mammoth Cave Supergraphic

Mammoth Cave / Down Under, KY

Traveling in a fried out Kombi I turn off of I-65 at the Mammoth Cave exit. The stretch of road leading to the visitor center is lined with kitschy tourist traps. Right off the exit is a towering T-Rex promoting Dinosaur World.  Big Mike’s appears to be the power house of rock shops, but this doesn’t dissuade some locals from piling their geodes on pallets and makeshift plywood tables to hock their crystalline rocks and other novelties. I admire their capitalistic idealism.  Of course there is the always ever present[…]

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