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Barbie Beach –

Trying to find a “Peach” connection in December is a bit of a challenge. I check out Peachtree City in search of something peachy but am quickly diverted from my peach hunt once I learn of Barbie Beach.

Barbie Beach Sign - Curious CraigI am not far outside of Atlanta and nowhere near the ocean. The Beach is just outside of Peachtree City in Turin, GA. The Beach is a popular attraction for locals and has even been the subject of a Cannes film festival documentary. Barbie Beach intrigues me and is something I’ve got to see.

The highway leading to the beach is very busy. I’m towing a 29′ camper and despite seeingBarbie Beach Parking Beach Parking signs I can’t slow down fast enough and miss the turn for the parking lot. I pullover just down the road at an out of business roadside store and backtrack on foot to the beach.

I was expecting a small beach, and I was even expecting nude Barbies posed precariously. However, I wasn’t expecting to just shake my head in utter astonishment at what the curators, Steven and Lynda Quick, had assembled. More importantly, why they chose to make a roadside attraction of it.

Barbie Beach
Beach Mayhem

The stage is set

Locals explain that this is a living exhibit that changes themes periodically. Try as I might I couldn’t quite figure out the theme on this visit. The pirate ship (Manatee figurehead is a nice touch) Barbies chasing a pod of whales was interesting but the Malibu Barbies driving the beach didn’t seem to even notice them. Of course, if you’re from Malibu you’ve probably grown accustomed to such sights. Then there were others appearing to be even more aloof watching it all over drinks at Morts bar. I overhear Ken recount loosing a leg in the war as I depart.

Morts Bar, Barbie Beach
Happy Hour @ Morts

It’s a little hard to even describe the scene. I believe I’ll just head on down the road to Lane’s Orchard.

Lanes Southern Orchard – Peach County Georgia

The drive in to Lane’s Southern Orchard is a tree lined road with rows upon rows of peach and pecan trees.  The orchard is 6,000 acres that has been operating since the early 1900’s. Tours are available during production season, but things are quite today.

Curious Craig - Peach-Trees.jpg

My desire to find something peachy is quieted. I enter the market and there is an overwhelming array of peach products. Feeling like Bubba from Forrest Gump.  Dey have “peach jam, peach jelly, peach preserves (dang if I know the difference). there is peach honey, peach butter, and peach bread to put it on.  Dey have peach chutney, peach salsa and peach BBQ sauce. There’s peach cobbler and peach pie. You can drink it too ’cause there’s peach cider, peach soda and peach wine.

Curious Craig - Peach-Products.jpg

Heck they even have the things cut in half and packed in jars.

Curious Craig - Peach-Jars.jpg

I couldn’t, of course, leave without at least checking out the cafe and having a large helping of peach cobbler. I was gonna top it with peach ice cream but that machine wasn’t working today.

Curious Craig - Peach-Cobbler.jpg
Peachy Keen in Georgia
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  1. This place is wild! Leave it up to Curious Craig to trek down there! I just watched a Netflix documentary on the invention of the Barbie doll.

    Recently a soulful and dear friend died.
    Pepper, too, had an insatiable hunger for discovering. His was more in the realm of poetry, arts, books, communities and fascinating people. But it doesn’t matter the path, and you certainly are touching the Real.

    He was only 53. Now he’s gone. All this being said, live out loud with surrender, playful and joyful
    wonderment. And that you are! We truly don’t know when our name will be called to leave here. Life itself is our elixir and that, you can’t get enough of and that’s a good thing.

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