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Florida Everglades –

8 Cool Things to do in and Around the Everglades – On the southern tip of Florida is 1.5 million acres designated as Everglades National Park.  Surrounded by The Big Cypress Preserve, the Fakahatchee Strand and the Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge, the area offers: sawgrass marshes,  cypress swamps, hardwood hammocks, pine lands, mangroves and estuaries. These diverse ecosystems make for all manner of wildlife, ecotourism and exploration. The roadside canals are in constant disruption of boils and splashes as whatever lies beneath surfaces for food and air.  The skies are[…]

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Swimming Hall of Fame, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Swimming Hall of Fame and Museum – I arrive at the complex and park on the road adjacent to the museum right at 9:00am, shocked that parking is available on the beach frontal road and only $3.75 for 3 hours. A large competition pool nestles between 2 buildings; one being the Museum the other the Hall of Fame. I walk to the Hall of Fame to find doors are locked. I mill around the pool and notice all manner of life guards gathering before heading to their stands on the[…]

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Ghost Orchid, Florida

Dendrophylax lindenii – Wild orchids will only grow in areas of their particular liking. Requiring just the right amount of light,  temperature, nutrients and humidity. Even preferring a particular trees bark of a certain angle to nestle itself into. One of the most finicky and rare is the Ghost Orchid.  The Ghost Orchid gets its name as its white flowing shape appears to hover in mid air. It can only found in the Fakahatchee Strand, Big Cypress Preserve and Panther Refuge in southern Florida. The orchid thrives in areas surrounded by[…]

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SpaceX Falcon Heavy Inaugural Launch

SpaceX Falcon Heavy – After the last scrubbed attempt of an Atlas rocket launch, I really want to see a live launch. They say things work out for a reason. If I had seen my original launch, I wouldn’t have made the trip back for the inaugural launch of of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy. The Falcon Heavy is a concept from the visionary Elon Musk.  I am a bit of an admirer of Musk; I am envious of his ability to not only think outside of the box, but to[…]

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Native American Festival – Brooksville, FL –

Native American Festival – One thing I really appreciate about Florida is there are endless things to do year round.  Within an hours drive in the last month there have been numerous festivals: Kumquat, Greek, Seafood, Pirate, Manatee, Medieval, Arts, Music, and the list goes on. This winter, I regularly bike the Withlacoochee Trail, hike in the Chassahowitzka Forest and kayak the Weeki Wachee river. Yet, I never have given much thought to the Indian influence in Florida until recently. While reading The Orchid Thief  in preparation for an upcoming Fakahatchee[…]

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