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Space Center, Huntsville, AL

Lovin Rockets – Americans love their rockets and proudly display them, as is evident when approaching the US Space center. Rocket Park, sporting a 200′ Saturn 1 and other rockets is visible on the horizon well before reaching the center.   Having recently visited the Kennedy Space center and watched a live rocket launch  there, I  am unusually ambivalent about todays visit to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.  I’m almost ashamed at my smugness  as having been to the “real” space center.   I purchase my tickets and ask[…]

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Curious Craig - Gulfshores.jpeg

Gulf Shores, AL – by Sea –

Deep Sea Fishing – As usual, I’m the first to arrive at Hudson Marina at Skull Harbor for a deep sea fishing charter.  Once the Captain arrives, he  introduces his crew for the day including Jason who is as an off duty 1st mate just out for a day of fishing. Having been on charters before, I know that the sides of the boat are idea spots for getting tangles with your neighbor.  With 13 others on board, I dutifully plant myself on a back corner, next to captains apprentice,[…]

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Gulf Shores, AL – by Air

Gulf Shores Aerial Tour – I arrive at the Jack Edwards National Airport in Gulf Shores, AL  and feel immediately at home.  There is something about walking around the tarmac that is just familiar.  I started my own flight training when I was 15 only to quit when I got my drivers license. With regret, I didn’t stick with it as aviation might have been the fulfilling career I always sought.   Although I did finally obtain my private pilots license some 25 years later, for any number of reasons I[…]

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Battleship Park, Mobile, AL –

Battleship Park – When traveling through our country, I am often amazed if not amused at the collections of war “junk” that we decide to place on our city squares and courthouse lawns. I wonder if the howitzers on display are a show of Government might so we don’t go off on the unsuspecting DMV worker. For some reason, an M16 tank with barrel pointing down main street is just a little too much, in your face, largess for my taste. I am all for honoring the men, women, and[…]

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Sandhill Crane Refuge

Mississippi Sandhill Crane Traveling west on I10 from Alabama, I see massive ship building cranes dotting the landscape in Mobile, Al. I hope these will not be the only cranes I see. As today, I am seeking the smaller; 4 foot tall, rare and endangered, Mississippi Sandhill Crane. The interstate toward the Sandhill Crane Refuge in Gautier, MS is lined with billboards promoting upcoming performances by Billy Idol,  Ron White and also teasing of jackpot riches at the Biloxi casinos.  All of these are things that pique my interest,  but today[…]

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