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They’re at the Gate

Being from Kentucky, I have a fondness for the Kentucky Derby.   It is a special time in the Bluegrass State, a week punctuated with prep races, pegasus parade, parties and pyrotechnic shows.   Since I am traveling, I am isolated from the pomp and don’t even know a horse that’s running in the fastest 2 minute in sports.

I have, however, been closely monitoring another race, the Amercian Idol.   I had lost interest in the show after about the 3rd season. But when I learned that Maddie Poppe was competing, it garnered my attention.  I have seen Maddie perform a couple of times. She was a featured entertainer of a 1,000 tired and hungry cyclist during the ride across Iowa, RAGBRAI.  I found her talented and engaging and tuned in to how she would fare. As with most reality shows, I ashamedly got hooked and overly vested in its outcome.  With visions of Kentucky’s big race coming up, I begin handicapping the race for the next American Idol.

Post Parade

Maddie Poppe - American IdolMaddie Poppe is an Iowa bred filly, she has come off some impressive wins and has breezed into the finals without a negative comment from the judges.  She’ll need to shake the nerves and polish her stage presence if she is to be a contender. Odds 4:1


 Cade Foehner - American IdolCade Foehner the rocker from the Lone Star state has also had an easy path to the finals. Katy Perrys’ continued fawning seems a little misplaced. I don’t see American voters breathing life into the pretty stale genre of a hair rocker. Odds 12:1


Jurnee - American IdolJurnee the Colorado native stumbled in the prep and was allowed to continue by a saving vote from the judges. She has unique look and a great voice. Can she be molded into a pop singer package, I don’t think so. But she can’t be counted out. Odds 8:1


Caleb Lee Hutchinson American IdolCaleb Lee Hutchinson another powerhouse from Texas, Caleb has been a solid performer.  Does Luke Bryan being a judge bring in enough country fans to get the votes? Scotty McCreery proved a male country singer can win Idol. Odds 6:1


Catie Turner American IdolCatie Turner once considered just a quirky novelty from Pennsylvania, Catie has turned in some strong performances down the stretch. WIll America make her the next idol? Normally I would say no way but then again we have Boaty McBoatfaceOdds 10:1


Gabby Barrett American IdolGabby Barrett another filly from the Keystone State, Gabby most fits the successful American Idol winner, In the vein of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, Gabby is the total package and can easily be groomed to go to market. The fact she has a powerful voice is a bonus. Odds 2:1


Michael Woodard American IdolMichael J. Woodard this California native is such a joy; a humble and charming young man. His song choices early on were exciting and kept one wondering what was coming next.  He seems to have faded in the stretch and it’ll take a great effort to win this one. Odds 10-1.


Down the Stretch they come!

You can count on a filly bringing home the roses this year, look for a tight race down to the wire with Gabby Barrett edging out Maddie Poppe for the Blanket of Roses.

Who is your pick?

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