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Zion, Red Canyon and Bryce a Photo Journal

Zion, Utah’s first National Park The Paiute Indians call Zion, Mukuntuweap, meaning canyon or “straight up land”.  This is an excellent description. When entering the park, sheer red Navajo sandstone walls surround me.  I almost have a feeling of floating as the walls seemingly rise as the winding roads descend. This vertigo effect is […]

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Grand Staircase – Escalante

Grand Staircase Escalante Monument is a United States national monument that designates 1,880,461 acres (the size of Delaware). The land is among the most remote in the country being the last to be mapped in the contiguous United States. The area consists of 3 distinct areas: The Grand Staircase, Kaiparowits Plateau, Escalante Canyons.   I’m on the […]