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Utah Skiing – in June

When embarking on my Supergraphic challenge, I scan ahead and I see a few locations will take some creative license to complete. Utah Skiing being one of them.  I have skied once in my life and hated it.  If there is anything I hate more than skiing it’s being cold.  I could, however, take advantage of the huge mounds at Coral Pink Sand Dunes for some winterlike fun in the 80-degree sun. The sand comes from the Navajo sandstone from the Middle Jurassic period and the dunes are estimated at 10,000[…]

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Zion, Red Canyon and Bryce a Photo Journal

Zion, Utah’s first National Park The Paiute Indians call Zion, Mukuntuweap, meaning canyon or “straight up land”.  This is an excellent description. When entering the park, sheer red Navajo sandstone walls surround me.  I almost have a feeling of floating as the walls seemingly rise as the winding roads descend. This vertigo effect is a sensation that I find impossible to capture with photos and videos. Zion is a busy park during the summer travel season requiring shuttles to transport to 1 of 8 dropoff points. Even arriving early morning, shuttle wait times are[…]

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Grand Staircase – Escalante

Grand Staircase Escalante Monument is a United States national monument that designates 1,880,461 acres (the size of Delaware). The land is among the most remote in the country being the last to be mapped in the contiguous United States. The area consists of 3 distinct areas: The Grand Staircase, Kaiparowits Plateau, Escalante Canyons.   I’m on the west side of the monument so spend most of my time exploring the Grand Staircase.  There are hundreds of miles of dusty gravel roads,  hiking, and ATV trails. With only 2 weeks here I’ll barely scratch the surface. I’ll hike over 50 miles[…]

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Antelope Canyon – Arizona

“86!” the stocky Navajo lady bellows.  The Native woman is literally herding a group of 40 or so of us under a canopy. Just short of whipping and spurring us she demands control of the crowd.  “86!” again she rings. I look at my receipt and oh, no; it’s me.  “Oh hell!” I wonder. What rule did I break, am I being sent to the back the of line again, am I getting kicked out?  I’ve tangled with this woman twice already and am certain not to survive the 3rd[…]

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Lake Powell, AZ

I have seen photos of Lake Powell with the houseboats floating on insanely blue water with the sheer red cliffs behind them. In such, recreating that scene has long been on my bucket list.  After a little research beforehand, the cost of the boat and the logistics of such is going to be a pretty big endeavor for a solo team of man and dog.  I haven’t given up on the idea, but regretfully it’s not looking like a probability. Grand Canyon – Small World While hiking the Grand Canyon, I pause in a shady[…]

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Mission San Xavier – Tucson, AZ –

Fresh on a good nights rest after an afternoon of trekking through the Saguaro National Park the day before, I head to the Mission San Xavier. I am a good two miles away when I first see the white dome just glowing on the horizon.  It is a marvel from a distance, I can’t wait to get closer. Some 200,000 visitors come each year from all over the world to view what is widely considered to be the finest example of Spanish Colonial architecture in the United States.  I assume the place[…]

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