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I have seen photos of Lake Powell with the houseboats floating on insanely blue water with the sheer red cliffs behind them. In such, recreating that scene has long been on my bucket list.  After a little research beforehand, the cost of the boat and the logistics of such is going to be a pretty big endeavor for a solo team of man and dog.  I haven’t given up on the idea, but regretfully it’s not looking like a probability.

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Grand Canyon – Small World

While hiking the Grand Canyon, I pause in a shady spot along with a family of 4.  While taking advantage of the limited shade on the Bright Angel trail we introduce ourselves to each other.  We exchange pleasantries and proceed to chat on our 1.5-mile hike back to the southern rim.   I learn that the Shinpaugh’s are also fellow full-time RVr’s.  The children are also blogging about their Awesome Adventure. The blogging game proves to be a great topic of conversation as we meander through the canyon. During the course of the conversation, I mention that my dream of house boating the Powell may not happen.  Just so happens Jason and family have a houseboat trip booked 3 days out and invite me to come along.

This little bit of serendipity dumbfounds me. We continuing chatting through the hike and exchange contact information. I halfway expect to never hear from them again. But as promised, a couple days later they reach out and we work out the particulars of meeting at the Wahweap Marina.

Sunrise on Lake Powell
Sunrise on Lake Powell

Excitedly and taking no chances of missing the boat, I arrive at the marina shortly after sunrise. I’ve waited decades to check this adventure off my bucket list. It’s rare that such things meet my preconceived expectations but so far all I can say is “Wow!”.

The marina is busy but the crew and I meet up to begin the task of boarding.  As per usual in such outings, there are copious amounts of food, ice, towels, toys, and sunscreen.  Boarding goes smoothly and soon we begin making our way up the lake. To allow for easier access to the main lake a 1/2 mile channel, Castle Rock Cut, has been cut through the Glen Canyon.   This narrow channel creates a bit of a choke point but soon the lake opens up to spectacular views of Reds, Whites, and Blues, “How appropriate”, I think.

Lake Powell Red, White and Blue

While taking in the breathtaking views, I am reminded as to why I took on this adventure. I wanted to see areas of this great country I have never seen while meeting new and interesting people.  Escaping the stresses of work, politics and rejoicing in the goodness of people and celebrating commonality and not differences.  This is to be the theme of the day.

After about 2 hours of cruising and pausing occasionally to slide or jump off the houseboat, we reach a secluded cove. I can’t recall a time when I have experienced anything so visually grand.

Curious Craig - Houseboat Cove Lake Powell

The time on the Lake just flew by, we initially hoped to cruise up to Rainbow Bridge but just never made it that far up the lake.  Our time in the cove is consumed with food, music, swimming and joyous conversations.  This is one bucket list item that not only meets but far exceeds my expectations.

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  1. Man! Craig you are a lucky guy! Loved the music! We only got to gaze at the beautiful lake from a lookout on the side of the road!

  2. Hi Craig,
    This is a beautiful entry. You probably won’t remember, but we were parked across from you in Lake Boonseboro last October just before Halloween! Have been following you since you started your journey. So much fun to see you go to so many of the places we have visited since we went full time 18 months ago. Keep posting, it’s great stuff! We are in the Great Lakes this summer & have checked off 42 states so far. Hoping to get to 48 by the end Od the year. Hope to see you guys on the road again. “Miss Betty”

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