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Hannibal, MO

“I am a border-ruffian from the State of Missouri” Mark Twain once surmised that he was the 101st person born in Florida, Missouri. He thereby increased the population by 1% and in doing so did more for a town than any one other person.  He is correct in premise but wrong on town.  What he has done for his boyhood hometown of Hannibal, is beyond measure.  The town is a living monument to his works. There is the Mark Twain Motel, the Mark Twain Diner, the Mark Twain Cave, The Mark Twain Brewery, the Mark Twain Riverboat.[…]

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Pony Express, St. Joesph, MO

“Damn! I’m just gonna get drunk” bemoans Johnny Fry of Kentucky, despite taking an oath of abstinence from profanity and alcohol.  “I’m the first Pony Express employee and I dedicate 10 hours a day riding and risking my life for this company.” Johnny continues, “Just last year these streets are lined with people yelling and cheering when I ride out of that stable.” as the alcohol begins to do the talking. Today there are no adoring crowds, no cheers, and no fireworks. The skies are gray and the mood is[…]

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Curious Craig Cornpalooza Salad

Some of the U-Haul ” Classic”  Supergraphics are a bit generic. Such is the case with the Nebraska Cornfield.  There is certainly no shortage of cornfields to visit here in Nebraska but that would make for a pretty boring blog. Though Murphy and I have some raucous hide-n-seek games in the fields. He’s good and finds me every time. I’ll take this opportunity to try something a little different, a recipe blog. I visit a pop-up farmers market tent looking for inspiration and ingredients for something a little different.  The farm gal[…]

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Grand Island, NE

In 1857, German settlers left Iowa and headed west to Nebraska to start a new settlement on an island known by French traders as La Grande Isle, which is formed by the Wood River and Platte Rivers. The city’s claim to fame today is it hosts the Nebraska State Fair in August and is on the migratory route for sandhill cranes in the early spring. Thousands of cranes and millions of other migratory birds use the plains along the Platte river basin to rest and fuel up on the waste grains left over from last years harvest before[…]

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Limited Offer: Free Postcard – via Pony Express

Are you like me and love postcards? I don’t know why but I buy them at most every stop. I always think I’ll frame them or something. While there is still more to come from Nebraska, I am in St. Joseph, MO home of the Pony Express. Pony Mail was promised in less than 10 days from St. Joe to California. Have things improved? Let’s see. I have a limited supply of cool postcards from the Pony Express Museum (suitable for framing :-). Provide me a mailing address and I’ll mail[…]

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Nebraska Rhino – The Original Cornhusker?

Rhinos in Nebraska?  Think that sounds crazy? What about 3 toed horses, saber tooth deer, and camels?  They all roamed the Nebraska plains millions of years ago.  The fossilized skeletal remains of all of these are found at the Ashfall Fossil Beds in northern Nebraska outside of Royal. About 12 million years ago, a volcano in southwest Idaho spread a blanket of ash over a vast area. One to two feet of powdered glass covered the grasslands of northeastern Nebraska. This particular area was a watering hole thus the high concentration[…]

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