Are you like me and love postcards? I don’t know why but I buy them at most every stop. I always think I’ll frame them or something.

While there is still more to come from Nebraska, I am in St. Joseph, MO home of the Pony Express. Pony Mail was promised in less than 10 days from St. Joe to California.

Have things improved? Let’s see. I have a limited supply of cool postcards from the Pony Express Museum (suitable for framing :-). Provide me a mailing address and I’ll mail you one by US Postal Service by Thursday. I bet it gets to you in under 10 days.

You may reply to this email, message through the website or email Your information will only be used for this purpose and not retained.

Thanks for the continued support and readership, I look forward to hearing from you.

Curious Craig

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7 thoughts on “Limited Offer: Free Postcard – via Pony Express”

  1. This is great. I have received several requests through the site already. Your cards are on the way. If you give the address in this comment box, I’ll suppress it so it’s not public knowledge. I do see them, however. Thanks all for playing along and supporting our new USPS ponies 😉

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