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Some of the U-Haul ” Classic”  Supergraphics are a bit generic. Such is the case with the Nebraska Cornfield.  There is certainly no shortage of cornfields to visit here in Nebraska but that would make for a pretty boring blog. Though Murphy and I have some raucous hide-n-seek games in the fields. He’s good and finds me every time.

Curious Craig - Nebraska Cornfield

I’ll take this opportunity to try something a little different, a recipe blog.

I visit a pop-up farmers market tent looking for inspiration and ingredients for something a little different.  The farm gal picks out a wonderful selection of local bi-color ears from the bed of an old pickup truck. I order 1/2 dozens ears and get to camp and see I have 7 ears.  I don’t think that is a mistake, she is awfully proud of her corn.

Curious Craig - Nebraska Corn

Murphy and retire to the campsite kitchen and work up what we believe is a pretty darn good dish. I have seen recipes for a corn salad that calls for vinegar. I opt to use a little lime for acidity and it really livens the dish up.

Curious Craig - Cornpalooza Corn Salad Fixins

Curious Craig CornPalooza Salad

6 Ears of Sweet Corn

1 Bell Pepper (your chose of color)

(1) Small Red Onion

(20) or so cherry tomatos – halved

(1) Lime

1/4 Cup fresh diced basil

1/4 Olive Oil

Slice the kernels off the cob. Dice the pepper, onion, and basil. Combine corn, pepper, onion, tomatoes and basil. Stir in olive oil, add juice of lime. Salt and Pepper to taste. Refrigerate a few hours, or overnight,  before serving. Enjoy!

Curious Craig - Corn Salad Recipe

We pair this dish with some Nebraska corn-fed beef, grilled medium and have a delicious summertime meal.

Curious Craig -Corn Salad Recipe
Nebraska Finest

If you try this dish please, let me know what you think or add suggestions in the comments below.

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  1. Love your recipe! Wish I had some of that luscious corn. Please keep those yummy recipes coming!

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