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Gateway Arch, St. Louis

Is there anything more iconic Americana than the Gateway Arch in St. Louis?  Along with the Statue of Liberty and Mt. Rushmore, the Gateway Arch is a truly unique destination.  At 630 feet tall, the Gateway Arch is the tallest manmade monument in the US.  Formerly designated as the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and redesignated as the Gateway Arch National Park in 2018.  The park is 91 acres and includes, the Old Courthouse, the Mississippi Riverfront, and green spaces. Though truly American the arch is a world-renowned masterpiece of modern architecture. A competition is[…]

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Onondaga Cave – Leasburg, MO

Hi, my name is Craig and am a Cave Snob. That’s hard to admit ’cause I didn’t even know I suffered from the affliction until recently. I see signs touting the spectacular Onondaga Cave in Missouri. But hey, I’m from Kentucky, home of Mammoth Cave. The largest cave system in the world and one of  the 10 Natural Wonders of the World.  Like I invented the darn thing or something. Nonetheless, I’m totally prepared to be unimpressed with this cave,  you’ll have to Show Me Missouri, Besides I’m here to see the bats[…]

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