2018 was an epic year. Through 22 states and over 20,000 miles, I’ve seen more of this great country than I ever imagined. Sorting through the pictures and videos for this movie proved to be a very emotional experience. I am repeatedly reminded  just how much I love this great country.

I cant help but recall the beautiful spacious skies and amber waves of grain. Also encountered the majestic purple mountains but just as stunning are the red rocks, pink sands and blue waters in between. I toured orchards and farms but can’t say, however, if I ever saw a fruited plain.

As much as I enjoyed the diverse landscapes, it was the wildlife of all shapes forms and sizes that really excited me. From the gators in Florida, the exotic migratory birds on the islands of Texas, mountain goats in Colorado, and the roaming bison in South Dakota to name a few.

Of course there was plenty of new foods to sample. My favorite had to be in Louisiana bayou and New Orleans certainly earns it’s culinary reputation. From the famous beignets at Cafe du Monde, crawfish served from road side stands, and all manners of boudin along the  Boudin Trail. 
And yes, I even met some nice people along the way.
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