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Standing out from the Crowd vs. Hey, Look at Me!

While cycling recently, I couldn’t help but notice a lone corn stalk in a world of soy beans.  It immediately struck me as a metaphor of life and what I hope to accomplish with this blog. I struggle with that balance of standing out in a crowd. When do I cross the line from being inspirational and informative to just standing out like a turd in the pool?  As a blogger, I often measure my success by the number of followers I can attract. How do I attract followers in a crowded field?  I hope to provide valuable content to my readers. My hope is to entertain, educate and maybe even inspire others.

I can pour my heart and sole into telling my stories and hope to positively effect others.  That’s what I hope  to do. I have to resort to any number tactics to generate traffic to this site, that is what sustains me.  It all seems to be a bit of grandstanding however.  I have a great fear of being the turd and not the entertainer, educator or motivator.

We all have a story, what makes mine so unique? What have I done to qualify me to educate and inspire others?  I have some ideas, but they are just that. MY ideas. How others perceive me is kind of scary.

I hope to find out  through this next chapter in my life. This blog is as much for me as my readers. I need to discover my story. If I never attract a large base of subscribers, while sad, it will be okay.

I certainly appreciate those who choose to take this journey with me. Thank you for following along and sharing this crazy thing we call life.  Feel free to comment, ask questions or to tell your story in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. Hey Craig! My Mom told me she talked to you just the other night on Facebook after her and I had just spoken of you. She let me know about your site! I think it’s great & love what you’re doing with your life! I’m jealous! I hope you’re doing well! Seems like you are, and you look great! You take care! I can’t wait to follow yours and Murpheys adventures! 🙂

    1. Thanks Amy, great hearing from you. You just never know the direction your life might take. Fear kept me “stuck” for a long time. I finally got the nerve to just go for my dream. Thanks for following along this journey with me!

  2. Hello, Craig!

    Lovely to meet you and Murphy at Rockledge this morning. I am intrigued by your approach to life, and planning ahead for changes myself. I look forward to reading about your travels. Best wishes for your journeys!


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