Bibb County – Lost World

When I plan to visit a SuperGraphic site I rarely do very little prep work. I want it all to be a surprise. I look for a calendar of events for the particular venue to see if that would determine a particular time to visit.  Finding information on this “Lost World” was a bit sketchy but all signs pointed to the Kathy Stills Botanical Garden.

Curious Craig - Bibb-County-Glades-Paint.jpg

From what I gather, the Nature Conservancy recently added additional land to the glades.  In such, the area is in a transitional state.

My GPS to the site was unsure of the road, in fact it put me about a mile down the road. I back track to an unmarked gravel road that did in fact lead me to the newly formed entrance to the glades.  The wooden fences are new but all 3 of the road and access trails are gated and locked.  Following one of the trails, reveals a canoe launch at on the Little Cahaba river.

Curious Craig - Cahaba-River.jpg
Little Cahaba River

On the trail

I notice another trail head is marked but the trail is not well worn.  Murphy leads the way down the trail a bit but never see another a marker. A little concerned about getting lost we retreat back to parking area.

Curious Craig - Trail-Head.jpg

After being unable to learn much of the glades from being on site,  I later learn that Dolomite is a type of limestone and this particular type of it is unusually pure and contains large percentages of calcium and magnesium. Magnesium, in high concentrations, can be toxic to many species of plants.  This is why the glades are populated by many unique species that have adapted to living in that particular type of limestone. They thrive here without competition from more typical species, which would normally populate the area. I regret that I was unable to experience the plant life as described.

But I did enjoy seeing the bursting redbuds signaling the first signs of spring.

Curious Craig - Bibb-County-Dogwood.jpg

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