Curious Craig - Flight-93-Memorial.jpeg

Flight 93 Memorial – Shanksville, PA

It is certainly a surprise when I begin seeing signs for the Flight 93 Memorial. I have a jam-packed itinerary for Pennsylvania and somehow this venue never hit my radar screen.  My campsite is only an hour away and now I consider this a must see. Fittingly, it is a gloomy, cloudy, rainy day when I arrive at the memorial.  The black sidewalk into the visitors center follows the flight path of Flight 93.  This flight path continues through to an overlook, passes the Wall of Names along with a mowed[…]

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Curious Craig - Little-League.jpeg

Little League Baseball Museum, Williamsport, PA

So, mom asks “Where are you going today?” Williamsport, PA, mom. “Oh yeah, what’s there?”, she further inquiries. The Little League Museum. “Why are you going there?  You don’t like kids, you didn’t play Little League, and you don’t even like baseball” Asked in only a way a mom can ask. I don’t have a good answer other than because it’s there and it’s a Supergraphic. So with that, I check it out with no preconceived notions or expectations.   It’s always a weird feeling when I’m the only customer in a venue.[…]

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Curious Craig - Ft-Delaware.jpeg

Fort Delaware State Park

Delaware City traces its roots to the 1820’s. A channel is created connecting the Chesapeake Bay and the Delaware River. The founders envision a budding metropolis capitalizing on the newly created shipping channel, however, the advent of the railroad soon derails those dreams. Build it and they will come While the city’s growth didn’t quite live up to expectations, it did grow into a charming community of tree-lined streets, riverside park, shops, restaurants, motel, and ferry. This is where I board the ferry for the 1/2 mile trip across the Delaware River. My destination is Pea Patch Island and Fort Delaware State[…]

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Curious Craig - Liberty-Bell.jpeg

Philadelphia and US Constitution

Shamefully, I must admit that I am not 100% of the connection between Philadelphia and the US Constitution.  I do know that the Liberty Bell is here and I’ve always wanted to see the thing.   Even if my recollection of its significance is a bit fuzzy too. Brotherly Love I’m always a bit apprehensive about big cities and have never even been to Philidelphia. I elect to take a guided history tour of the city.  Along with 8 other people, we board a van from the campground 45 minutes from Philly.  Immediately our[…]

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Curious Craig - Midshipmen.jpeg

United States Naval Academy – Annapolis, MD

Though I recently swore allegiance to the Air Force after a visit to their academy in Colorado Springs, no trip to Annapolis is complete without visiting the US Naval Academy. The Naval Academy campus spreads over 338 acres and is home to approximately 4,400 midshipmen.  The Academy is fittingly surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay, and the Severan and Magothy Rivers. Much of the academy is open to the public, but I opt to take a guided walking tour of “The Yard”. Call to Arms Our guide, Bill, clangs the bell in the visitor center to[…]

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Curious Craig - Goddard.jpeg

Goddard Space Flight Center – Greenbelt, MD

A stalled storm system has kept Maryland inundated in rain for the past few days and Hurricane Florence is inching closer to the Eastern Shore. Many things I hope to see and do on the Chesapeake Bay are taking a back seat. I do, however, decide to crawl out of my bunker and check out the Goddard Space Flight Center. Goddard is the largest of six NASA organizations of 10,000 scientists and engineers dedicated to increasing knowledge of Earth, solar systems, and the universe via observations from space. The Visitors Center is much more compact,[…]

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