Curious Craig

Welcome to Curious Craig. The musings and travel exploits of a guy who has given up on trying to find his niche’, his purpose, his calling. That one thing that will provide everlasting peace and contentment. Who has instead, decided to embrace that yearning to see, do and explore. To just not wonder what’s ahead on that dusty road, but to go look and find out. Meeting the people from all walks of life that make this country great and trying to find common ground is a passion.

I have spent a life time seeking, and searching only to be left wanting something more. This restlessness presents itself daily as it has since a very young age.  In todays world, its probably worthy of medical treatment. I choose to no longer suppress this personality “defect” but to instead exploit it.

I have spent inordinate amounts of time and money on hobbies and potential new career paths only to get bored with them and to move on to the next thing that tickles my fancy.   Along this journey, I have dealt with divorce, depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. The latter 3 certainly explains the first.

Little things excite me:  Nature in all forms: forests, creeks, streams and waterfalls. Mountains, deserts and beaches. Sunrises and sunsets. Wildlife up close. Small town festivals and parades; local cuisine from a mom and pop restaurant, food truck or road side stand. I love roadside American attractions and oddities.  Oh yes, and Ice Cream, it has supplanted alcohol as my drug of choice.

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