Kennedy Space Center – Visitor Tips

Destination Tips

  • Arrive early and plan to spend a full day (maybe two).

  • Find a daily schedule at one of the venues. Many attractions are recurring at the same time every day. Others such as astronaut autograph signing are at very specific times.

  • There are free wi-fi zones throughout the park, but I found battery to drain quickly.  There are not many outlets around, so take a battery pack.

  • The Atlantis Discovery Center has free locker storage if you need to lighten the load.

  • The green screen photo kiosks use your wrist band to organize your photo. Have them take a bunch of photos. Then drop by The Docking Station to pick out any you may want to keep.

  • If going for a launch:

    • There are a couple of viewing sites. If possible, pay the extra for the LC-39 Gantry Site. It’s closer than the Banana Creek.  Watch website, Gantry sells out quickly.

    • Heed the posted bus boarding times. They won’t wait for you.

    • The busing process is long and tedious. You’ll be exposed to the elements. Plan accordingly.

    • You may get a re-entry stamp so you may go to car to rest, grab folding chairs, food etc.


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