Happy Birthday to me….(no,not that birthday)

Today I celebrate 3 years of sobriety, in AA parlance this anniversary is referred to as my birthday. (A day of rebirth I suppose) It won’t be with much fanfare other than receiving a token from my sponsor.  I did however take a moment to reflect and consider what the past years sober have meant.

I can laugh, I can cry. I can grieve and mourn, rejoice and celebrate. I can win and I can lose. I can appreciate success and learn from failure.  I can form new meaningful friendships, I can let go of ones that need to go. I can love, and I can try to never hate.   I can be of service to others and I can allow others to help me.  I can get out and explore, wonder, and be a part of natures’ beauty.  I can sit peacefully at home, trusting in a power higher than myself, and just anticipate what joys lie ahead.

For the past 3 years, as of today, I experience all this sober.  To most this will seem no big deal, to a few it will, for me it’s priceless.  Happy Birthday to me; where’s the Ice Cream?

AA Sobriety Token