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Kentucky Horse Park – Lexington, KY

It is all too easy for someone as impatient and restless as I to overlook some of the best things our country has to offer that are right under my nose.  The Kentucky Horse Park would certainly fall into this category.  I round out the 2018 travel season for a couple of weeks at the Horse Parks’ campground. There have been horses on this ground for more than 200 years. In 1777, Patrick Henry, then Governor of Virginia, granted 9,000 acres of land in the Kentucky Territory to his brother-in-law as[…]

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Soap Box Derby – Akron, OH

“Load em Up” “Hop on In!” “Handlers in the red box” “Good Luck Champs!”  The official Soapbox Derby race starter announces as he pulls back on the release bar. They’re Off Sami and Kayla, two tween-aged girls, along with their soapbox derby cars, begin inching away from the starting post, building up speed as they head down the nearly 1/4 mile track toward the finish line.  Dads look on from atop the hill as moms eagerly await their focused and determined but also giggling girls at the bottom. Since 1936,[…]

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Maryland Seafood Festival

Sometimes I just get lucky.  When heading to a new destination, I do very little research. I just like to let things unfold.  I plan to explore Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay area but I don’t realize until I get here that this weekend is the Maryland Seafood Festival. The Pregame The festival is being held in Sandy Point State Park.  I  see there are some beaches and a lighthouse there. I arrive well before the festival start time to check these out and hopefully get a jump on an approaching rainstorm. Sandy Point  Lighthouse[…]

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Hot Air Ballooning – Albuquerque, NM

International Balloon Fiesta – For 9 days every October, Albuquerque hosts the worlds largest celebration of balloon flight.  Billed as the most photographed event in the world, hundreds of balloons fill the autumn skies. Why Albuquerque? The phenomena of the “Albuquerque box” provides the ideal setting for the balloonist.  The lower altitude of the Rio Grande River Valley to the west and the higher altitude of the Sandia Mountain range to the east create a wind pattern that flows in a box. Lower altitudes move the balloon south and higher altitude[…]

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Galveston, TX – For the Birds

FeatherFest – I’ve always been a backyard birdwatcher; building birdhouses and putting up feeders to see what I can attract. Just recently photography has become a hobby de jour.  I see an event called Featherfest in Galveston which combines the two.  This seems right up my alley. Galveston Island is one of the top locations in the country for birding. The island has a rich variety of natural habitats within its 32 miles. The beaches, wetlands, grasslands, woods, ponds, and bays are home to many common year-round bird species. The area is[…]

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Louisiana Jazz

All that Jazz – Jazz didn’t develop solely in New Orleans but it did spawn its growth.   Born as a French settlement with strong Caribbean influences in the 1700’s, the city was central to Jazz creation. These West Indian influences gave the city a more relaxed attitude in culture and especially music; creating a tradition of music and celebration.  As New Orleans grew into a diverse world port, the melding of cultures was reflected in its music. The  European influence brings in the brass, Africans bring the drums,  Louisiana Cajun adds the accordion and fiddle, and the Mississippi river[…]

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