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Punxsutawney, PA

I love when a town has a mascot, a theme, a point of pride, and doesn’t take itself to seriously. Like Roswell, NM and its aliens, catfish in Belzoni, MS, or manatees in Crystal River. Punxsutawney, PA is that kind of town. Embracing the time-honored tradition of using a groundhogs’ prognostication of the coming of spring. The town is all about the groundhog as witnessed by the dozens of groundhog statues, Phantastic Phils, scattered around town. Gobble, Gobble I begin my towns exploration by traveling along a narrow windy road to a crest of a hill. Here[…]

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Curious Craig - Amish-Driver.jpeg

Amish Country, Lancaster PA

In the southeast corner of Pennsylvania is Lancaster County. The County is famous for its population of 45,000 of the states 65,000 practicing Amish. Pretty as a Postcard I come to Amish Country this first day of Fall seeking the postcard version of what I think it to be.  There is just the first hint of coolness in the air. The apple trees are bursting with Gala and Granny Smith apples. Pumpkins, gourds, and haystacks are dotting the landscape.  I’m not sure what to expect or even what I’m looking for, but I just head[…]

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Curious Craig - Goddard.jpeg

Goddard Space Flight Center – Greenbelt, MD

A stalled storm system has kept Maryland inundated in rain for the past few days and Hurricane Florence is inching closer to the Eastern Shore. Many things I hope to see and do on the Chesapeake Bay are taking a back seat. I do, however, decide to crawl out of my bunker and check out the Goddard Space Flight Center. Goddard is the largest of six NASA organizations of 10,000 scientists and engineers dedicated to increasing knowledge of Earth, solar systems, and the universe via observations from space. The Visitors Center is much more compact,[…]

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Limited Offer: Free Postcard – via Pony Express

Are you like me and love postcards? I don’t know why but I buy them at most every stop. I always think I’ll frame them or something. While there is still more to come from Nebraska, I am in St. Joseph, MO home of the Pony Express. Pony Mail was promised in less than 10 days from St. Joe to California. Have things improved? Let’s see. I have a limited supply of cool postcards from the Pony Express Museum (suitable for framing :-). Provide me a mailing address and I’ll mail[…]

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Colorado, Mountains of Gold

The central part of Colorado has so much to see and do and I don’t get a chance to do many things that I want to. Mt. Evans Summit I take my last day to travel up the highest road in North America; the summit of Mt Evans. The 14-mile designated byway is a narrow paved road, full of switchbacks, and with no guard rails. It was recommended to me by several people who know I like wildlife and grand vistas. Early into the trek, I come upon Echo Lake. This area[…]

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Curious Craig - Sunrise-On-Marina.jpeg

Lake Powell, AZ

I have seen photos of Lake Powell with the houseboats floating on insanely blue water with the sheer red cliffs behind them. In such, recreating that scene has long been on my bucket list.  After a little research beforehand, the cost of the boat and the logistics of such is going to be a pretty big endeavor for a solo team of man and dog.  I haven’t given up on the idea, but regretfully it’s not looking like a probability. Grand Canyon – Small World While hiking the Grand Canyon, I pause in a shady[…]

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