U-Haul SuperGraphic

What are SuperGraphics?

They are those striking graphics on the side of U-Haul Trucks and trailers. In 1988, U-Haul launched the SuperGraphic program titled America’s Moving Adventure. In the US, over 170 different images have been created since the program began. Each graphic honors individual states, cities, and local points of pride.

Years ago, a friend told me of a game he played with his young daughters.  When on vacation, they would be on the lookout for a U-Haul truck.  Whatever locale the SuperGraphic depicted on the first truck they saw, that would be their destination for next years vacation.  I am enthralled with that notion, and can never look at a U-Haul truck the same way. I have to look for that graphic and imagine what it might be like to visit the location depicted.

When first considering traveling full time, I compiled a list of unique destinations on my bucket list (one per state actually).  I love lists, I make a list of lists I need to make. Better yet, I love checking things off of my lists. I get a sense of accomplishment from getting that check mark. I considered not only visiting every state, but also every national park.  It’s been done by many and I relish the thought of trying that. However, I’m not sure crossing 48 state lines and entering 58 national parks would hold my interest for that long. I need something else to shoot for, but what?

The Inspiration – Catfish

Then I saw it, a U-Haul trailer (Trucks highlight states, Trailers feature cities) with that SuperGraphic just calling to me. I had to look. Belzoni, Mississippi. “Catfish Capital of the World.”

SuperGraphic - Belzoni

Wow!  I had never heard of that place much less been there. That sounds like something I just have to see. And so it begins, a new list!  I find a web page dedicated to all of the SuperGraphics. There is a dizzying array of adventures laid out state by state just jumping off the screen.

My SuperGraphic Challenge

I want to see them all  (except maybe the Swimming Hall of Fame, sorry Ft. Lauderdale). I reach out to U-Haul’s social media team to see if anyone has ever done it.  To their knowledge no one has. I compile a spreadsheet of locations and find there are  170+  depictions representing 48 states (except Hawaii and Kansas). For a Map click here:

Some of the SuperGraphics depict events or attractions that are no longer in existence. Some are festivals that only take place during certain times of the year. I will make every attempt to visit the place depicted and feel the pride that community felt when they unveiled their SuperGraphic. However, my goal is to enjoy the journey and recount my experiences and not necessarily recreate the exact tone or tenor of that particular graphic.

While this blog will contain other content, the SuperGraphic content will be noted by the SuperGraphic on top of that page.

Note: I am in no way associated with U-Haul International or any of its affiliates. The opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent the views of U-Haul, Web Team Associates or any of their affiliates. The SuperGraphic images are copyrighted material of U-Haul International and reproduced here with permission.

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